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Ce matin, mon cher ami Swami Dharmananda m'envoie ce mail depuis les bords du Gange et je ne crois pas le trahir en vous le donnant à lire. Pour vous donner un aperçu de la fraîcheur de la spiritualité indienne qui vous rappelle en ce beau jour de Deepavali que « l'hiver est un bon moment pour intensifier toutes les pratiques spirituelles » et pour vous souhaiter, moi aussi, à l'occasion de la fête des lumières, une heureuse entrée dans la plus froide des saisons.
Heureux Deepavali!

Dear friends,
Deepavali Celebrations 28th Oct 08
Happy Deepavali. Deepavali is one of India's most popular seasonal festival. This festival falls just at the beginning of the winter season. The legend tells us that Lord Rama who was to be crowned king of Ayodhya was exiled for 14 years to the forest because of his step mother. He along with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman went to the forest. During their stay there, a demon king Ravana kidnapped his wife. Lord Rama made friendship with a monkey chief Sugriva and his minister Hanuman and with their help collected a huge army of monkeys attacked Ravana and killed him after 10 days of intense battle. He took back his wife and after 20 days returned to his kingdom. His return was celebrated by the citizens with great joy and merrymaking. Present day deepavali is a remnant of that celebrations.
On this day we clean our houses, wear new clothes, prepare lots of sweets. In the evening rows of earthen lamps called diyas are lighted and firecrackers are burnt and sweets are distributed. All enmity is forgotten. The business people open new account books. Goddess Lakshmi the giver of wealth is worshipped on this night.
Spiritual Aspect:
Winter season is a time of less external activities. When external activities reduces then the mind gets a chance to go within. So winter season is a good time to intensify all spiritual practices. The celebration with external light and sounds is a symbolical representation of rejoicing in the inner light and sounds are heard in deep meditation. The external celebration every year reminds us to seek the inner light of the Self which alone can satisfy all our desires and give the fullest satisfaction.
May you all enjoy the external celebration and also awaken the inner light and rejoice in the life eternal.
With much love

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Photographe, écrivain, sophrologue et enseignant de raja yoga, j’ai bourlingué des années en Asie et vécu longtemps dans des ashrams indiens. Lecteur de toutes les philosophies et amoureux de tous les silences, je vous livre ici mes fulgurances d’après silence.
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mamadomi 29/10/2008 18:10

namasté & happy diwali to you Marc, enjoy the young night of music merged in the ocean of candle lights and songs of wisdom...jay!

Marc 30/10/2008 11:15

Thank you so much! Jay Rama jay!